Whistleblower Group Asks for Gulf Leak Data


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Whistleblower Group Asks for Gulf Leak Data: PEERS Seeks Legal Sources For Possible Political Calculations by Administration Figures.

“Whistleblowers” are certainly among the most appreciated friends in politics…until you’re in charge. The Obama Administration has been sued to force release of how it determined to calculate oil leak data in the Deepwater explosion and containment effort. Even more interesting, however, is the request by the self-described ‘environmental whistle blower group’, as to where was the science involved, in incorrectly stating the actual oil flow volumes into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Public Employees Environmental Resources group (PEERs) has repeatedly cut a swath through Washington, D.C., since its founding in 1992…with no regard to party affiliation of the White House. In fact, PEER has been challenging whistleblower assumptions more often through a Democratic White House, and a Republican Congress than vice versa.

“Our concern is that the administration took and is still taking, steps to falsely minimize public perception about the extent and severity of the BP spill– a concern that the Administration could start to dispel by releasing these documents.” PEER Director Jess Ruch (September, 2010).

When it comes to seeing to the bottom of the Gulf oil crisis, the bottom is not yet in sight. Apparently one are the days when a series of Nobel-winning Science laureates said “Obama is science-centric…” in justifying hopes for transparency in scientific decision-making. President Obama’s own early defense of his team’s efforts had rested in large measure on the prestige of his own Nobel director’s assurances.

But PEER insists the real numbers reveal the tip of an iceberg, indicating the President may be getting, if not in hot water, at least a cooler reception from historic allies. Requests from Huffington Post’s Dan Fromkin have been rebuffed, and those rebuffs were widely circulated in the wake of the PEER lawsuit.

In taking office, the new administration determined to end political “interference” with science. A series of promised White House directives on mandating scientific independence from political interferences has not yet been disseminated. www.barackobama.com/pdf/issues/FactSheetScience.pdf. For their part, the Huffington Post may have been as forceful in circulating whistleblower complaints than any other news source, or political leader.

In May, 2010, as the Gulf leak was beginning to boil, Huffington reported a BP whistleblower, Mike Mason, was warning of potentially generalized problems in monitoring platform safety. “Sometimes, they would put their finger on the chart and slide it ahead — so that it only recorded the pressure for 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.”(Http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/12/bp-whistleblower-claimed_n_573839.html).



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