Shelby County Whistleblower Law Issues


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Recently, expanded protection for government workers of Shelby County who report any type of misconduct were approved by the County Commissioner, democrat Steve Mulroy. It is referred to as Whistleblower litigation and targets specific misconduct of government employees such as breaking the law, committing fraudulent acts, or corruption. However, there was certain language that referred to elections that was removed from this litigation which has caused a great deal of dissension.

The whole issue started as a result of some Shelby County Election Commission employees, who continue to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, that have reported certain questionable behavior to the local Democratic Party. This questionable behavior occurred during the period leading up to a recent election on the 5th of August of this year. The language that was removed from the litigation referred to the protection of these election whistleblowers or any others where the future is concerned much to the chagrin of Mulroy and other commission officials.

The key concern is that a mixed message has been sent which basically says that the protection of whistleblowers is important but the language for that was removed anyway. According to Mulroy, the biggest concern is that the County Election Commission is a semi-independent government entity and might not be governed by the updated litigation. The whole dispute stemmed from the fact that the Republican Party was victorious in 9 different countywide elections.

Additionally, the Election Commission is controlled by Republicans who stated that a technical error committed by an employee caused employees at the polls to turn away certain voters in that August election. Despite the fact that the controlling Republican faction of the Election Commission has basically pawned off that employee’s technical error, the dissension is far from over. They stated that they swiftly resolved the issue and that they doubted that it had any negative or significant impact on the outcome of those particular elections.

Democrats have also alleged that these issues were considerably more serious than what the commission has admitted to. There is now a pending legal case wherein the Democrats are asking the court to void the results. The resolution that was recently passed went beyond the existing protections of whistleblowers based on those county policies and current state laws. Employees are protected against being terminated for their involvement in whistle blowing activities or their refusal to participate in these questionable activities and behavior by the laws of the state.



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