Floyd Landis Blows Whistle


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Landis isn’t lying about Lance Armstrong

May 21, 2010

By Rick Telander

Whistle-blowers always seem like dubious humans. Sometimes they are.

New York cop Frank Serpico (clean) and Los Angeles cop Rafael Perez (cocaine theft, perjury, conspiracy to violate civil rights, etc.) both blew the horn on major corruption in their respective big-city police departments.

Gossipy water-cooler bimbo Linda Tripp helped bring down intern-obsessed Bill Clinton. Erin Brockovich, the 1981 Miss Pacific Coast and a cleavage queen without formal law training, was the key person in constructing the legal case that eventually nailed Pacific Gas & Electric with a record-setting $333 million pollution fine in 1996.

Delusional baseball meathead Jose Canseco; convicted fraud-man Mark Whitacre (Archer Daniels Midland lysine price-fixing); murderer Nicholas Calabrese, the slimy Chicago mobster who ratted out his ”Family Secrets” compatriots — all of these unsavory people blew the whistle on larger corruption and were, on relevant points, dead-solid truthful.

The list goes on and on, though figurative whistle-blowing is a relatively new phenomenon, based largely on modern corporate immorality and the increased legal power of the individual citizen.

Floyd Landis, the lying, scumbag ”winner” of the 2006 Tour de France, who was quickly stripped of his crown after testing positive for elevated testosterone levels, fits into this group perfectly.

Landis abruptly has come out and said that, yes, he did use performance-enhancing drugs in 2006 and during most of his cycling career.

He said this after denying doping so vigorously that sometimes I thought the poor guy was the most unfairly persecuted athlete in the world. This fraud Landis went so far as to beg money from supporters for his legal defense, even, according to reports, recently asking fans at an event in rural Pennsylvania — near his home — ”Would someone who is guilty come home and sit in front of 300 people, with their parents in the audience, and claim that they are innocent?”


Landis said angrily early on that the extra testosterone — he now admits he also used female hormones and human-growth hormone — was caused by his own ”organism.” Maybe he meant his own Wurlitzer organ.

Who knows. But the big thing here is that Landis also has specifically accused seven-time Tour de France winner and global hero Lance Armstrong of being a doper. Landis names other U.S. cycling stars as cheaters and he gets real clear about storing stuff in refrigerators and being injected by the team doctor and how Lance was a part of it all.

Immediately Armstrong, who would soon crash in the Tour of California, did the usual. He said that Landis was mentally unstable.

He might be right about that.

That doesn’t mean Landis is lying.

I’ll say I am certain Armstrong is, or has been, a doper. I have written before that in my opinion no one — no one — has won the Tour de France in the last three decades, minimum, who was not cheating. I have been lied to by so many elite dopers — Michelle Smith, Marion Jones, Tony Mandarich (oh, brother — more on him Sunday), Tyler Hamilton, etc. –that I believe that to trust star athletes on drug-talking is to be a fool. Everybody lies about doping until — for various psychological and/or legal and monetary reasons — they can’t do it anymore.

The first guy who lied to me face-to-face, one-on-one, was a star University of Miami football player who, of course, knew nothing about the steroids found in the glove compartment of his own car. This was in 1986.

It’s been downhill since.

Landis might have been lying before, but my reasoning tells me he’s spewing truths now. He’s a rat and a cheater and a liar.

But he knows.

SOURCE Chicago Sun-Times

Read the full article here.


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